Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Behind the Scenes with BoPo Babes: uominidipeso

Welcome to my new blog series! I will be going behind the selfie sticks, tripods, and self timers with some of my favorite body positive babes. I suspect if they're not your favorites yet, they will be soon!

In the body positive world the main focus is on bodies with breasts; however, male presenting bodies face heavy criticism as well especially if they are larger. Alessandro aka @uominidipeso is on a mission to bring self love into the every day conversation of not only men, but everyone in Italy - nay, the world!

Plus size clothing options are limited enough as an American female, but if you look around for plus size men’s wear - you’ll see the struggle is real. Allesandro says in Italy, it’s hard to find any options at all.

 “Since September I and other 6 Blogger Italian we will be the team with its hashtag #BodyPosiTeamIT with which we will try to expand their circle and help people as possible. Italy is by no means a Body Positive territory as they pretend. Here it is even difficult to get dressed. A woman wearing a size 34 (European 48/American 14) is considered fat and when exposed is covered with criticism and insults. We Bloggers and activists, like you, Italians, every day we try to change something but it's not easy because any event and any proposal always behind the profit.”

When he started his blog and Facebook page in 2014 he said he “immediately realized that with photos and testimony (he) could help a lot of people and it was so.” With the addition of social media into our everyday lives, connecting with like-minded individuals is easier than ever. If you’re looking for self love inspiration, it’s literally just a search away.

“Online you can direct your pictures and messages, and the success is greater because it more precisely strikes a part of the audience who likes the theme. In contrast in real life, for example, when I happened to speak on TV and theater, well not everyone agreed with my words, and it still makes little effort conquer the audience with our ideas.”

“(Body positivity) enters my life every day through the people I meet through conversations with friends and colleagues through Facebook chat between the boys of #BrawnSquad: ZachMiko, Kelvin, Troy Solomon etc .. and undoubtedly Kelvin - NotoriusDapper because we have the same thoughts, we addressed both on the same street and I love his way to show and encourage people towards #bodypositive. Other people can improve their body positivity by using the internet to look for men and women for inspiration, looking for images and phrases that can help and especially by getting in touch with other people across the world living the same situation.

To be part of the community is a great pleasure because it means that something beautiful and positive I'm doing it and it is also a symptom of pride because without knowing I'm helping other people. The goal is to bring more people to this concept to try to change something in our society.”

Even with a positive outlook on life, there are always going to be people who just don’t get it. Though, it’s not always the easiest thing to do – he strives to let negative things go. “This is a sore point. It often happens, especially in some online articles to read comments of hate and bad words. It happens to receive comments on IG and Facebook and I all I do is ignore, block and kill without answering, because my followers might suffer in reading little cute things. Sometimes it happens to comment and explain in a few articles to all those people who do not even know what it means #BodyShaming and do it every day, because it is not just something that concerns people fat but any body type and shape. In the past I received many more negative comments than now, maybe because now I'm more confident and proud of myself. When me and my girlfriend go around or at the beach or pool, we still see laughter and faces of hatred and contempt towards us, and we respond by simply smiling.”

He urges the community to not give too much weight to the negativity of the world. It’s important that we educate and inspire when we can, but focusing on the positive can bring around greater change. “In the BoPo community I would like to see more happiness and self-irony. Too often I read people complain about little things and problems that do not exist, because you have to give less weight as possible when we have 100 positive comments and one negative. We must do as you, propose new ideas and projects, try to involve as many people, and we must dare to venture.”

As a male in the community he urges us to remember that body positivity is not a gender specific problem. “We must start from the premise that discrimination and #bodyshaming are much more present against women but without doubt there are situations and problems that unite our two worlds, female and male. Insults and giggles, the charges never do sports and have a healthy life, when in fact those who accuse us are people who even know us and do not even know our history and what we live. We men, in my opinion, we can give a big hand to the whole community, but especially to women, we can change the mindset to society because we are criticized less and less accused, so we can expose ourselves and bring one more example.”

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