Body positivity is not about health.

This is the second time I'm writing about this. Catch up HERE.

There's so much guilt associated with body positivity from outside the community. The people who don't understand think that body positivity is intrinsically tied to health. I've been told that I can't love myself and also "feed it garbage." This comment, like every comment, is based on a picture I posted. Usually with a caption about body positivity.

There's two things that are bothersome from this practice.
1. You cannot tell someone's health from looking at them.
2. Health is not related to body positivity.

Dieting comes from the basis that there's good foods and "bad" foods. And the bad foods are bad foods because if you eat too much of them you get fat. And we all know that fat is the worst thing a person can be.

The reason why fat positivity and plus size women in the bopo conversation are so important and prevalent in the community is because you may be a size 6 and have body image issues - that's completely valid. I don't want to discount the pain of the core size woman. It is deep and real and it is meaningful. But when you go to 90% of the stores that carry apparel and you're not even a part of the conversation or your conversation is taken to the back corner of the store by the bathroom. Or if your conversation is taken to a different floor than the rest of the clothing - you have to speak louder in order to be heard.

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