About Me

Hey there! I'm Lauren aka CupcakeThighs! 

What can you expect on my blog?
  • Personal stories
  • Lookbooks/OOTDs
  • My adventures
  • Interviews With BoPo Babes
  • Monthly Favorites
  • The occasional poem
  • Commentary on the fashion/body positivity industry
  • Local events and attractions in MN

Who am I?
I’m 27, a Gemini – the talkative sign. Raised an Oklahoma girl, currently a transplant in Minnesota. Taken by an amazing man, Myke D (you’ll hear about him a lot). I love animals - from dogs to sloths to pudus - and nature, science, but mostly dinosaurs. I have a working 30 Before 30 list that I'm working my way through. I am passionate about sexual assault and domestic violence awareness. I am a self love advocate. I am a body positive feminist cis female. I believe that every HUMAN - no matter what gender, race, birthplace, wealth, physical ability, sexual preference, body type - is deserving of love, respect, and equality. Everyone.

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You have free will.

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